Sunday, 1 January 2012

Starbucks Poster

Having designed the cup,  I have worked on creating a poster to promote the 5¢ donation campaign that will be promoted on Valentine's Day. I have chosen this cup design as it was more strikingly visual and fitting to Starbucks. As I thought that the swirls in the other design helped to entice customers by evoking the scent of coffee, (one of the joys of having a cup of coffee is the smell!) I have incorporated this into the poster. I have also adapted the red hue to the same hue as the logo for (RED).

 In order for the campaign to be successful, it would be beneficial to have a poster that makes consumers aware of the cup before Valentine's Day. The poster could be advertised a week before Valentine's on major transport links (where many coffee consumers like office workers take their coffee on the go) or shopping malls (where there is a Starbucks- often having shoppers have a break/ meeting up for tea etc).

1. © Kasumi Miyake 2012

I have decided to go with a minimalistic aesthetic in order for the poster to be easily understood and recognised. The main purpose is to communicate to consumers that by buying a drink from Starbucks, they are also helping others as Starbucks donate's 5¢ towards the (RED) campaign in order to fight AIDS in Africa.  Keeping with the Starbucks brand identity, I have utilised the tick boxes that Starbucks currently has on their cup designs but have added an extra box that is ticked to mark that every drink will be giving a donation.

The black Starbucks logo may be too overpowering although it does get instant recognition so I have tried to develop another composition that utilises softer colours to make the coffee cup the main point of focus (see design below).

The poster's function is to inform the audience about the campaign but will also help to remind those who have seen the poster beforehand about the campaign when they see consumers holding the cup design on Valentine's day to encourage them to also buy a Starbuck's drink because the proceed will help others. I have chosen this day as it is a day in which many people express their care for their loved ones and admirers so it would be a suitable event as it perceived as a celebratory day.
2, © Kasumi Miyake 2012

I feel that this design is more effective as the whole composition is unified, creating a focus on not only the cup design but also the message. By incorporating Starbuck's green colour, the brand if more easily identifiable and not overly powering. The stra line marks Valentines Day as a celebration making it convey a joyous mood. The tickbox can be further refined as I feel that the heart shape does make people refer to it as one of the tickboxes but as a separate visual. It may be more effective if it is just the same as the others in the rectangular box shape.

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