Sunday, 26 February 2012

Project Two- Lung Cancer Awareness, Check before it's too late

Lung Cancer is the second most common cancer in the UK.

According to the NHS:
'Only 9% of people with lung cancer in the UK survive for at least five years '
'One of the reasons lung cancer is so dangerous is because the symptoms are vague and often aren't severe until the cancer is in its late stages.'

'Some smokers feel they shouldn't bother their GP when they have symptoms that may be caused by smoking. For this reason they can be reluctant to go to the doctor.
Many lung cancers spread quickly and can grow to quite a large size if they’re not detected, so it’s vital to recognise warning signs early and get medical attention promptly.
Lung cancer can be cured, and this is more likely if it’s caught early'

After researching this, I have decided to set up a brief that makes people more aware about the seriousness of lung cancer and the need for people to act early to get a check up if they are experiencing symptoms.

Most informative advertisements on medical health are often perceived as uninteresting, restricted to poster formats stuck on clinic walls and bombarded with textual information making it hard to grab attention and spread the seriousness of the message across to audiences.

Collection of existing adverts.

Audiences seem to have become desensitised by the conventional poster adverts, no longer putting any attention to read them. Perhaps what is needed to make people read the message is a more creative approach to deliver the message. I have come up with a concept for a lung cancer awareness campaign that utilises modern technology in order to negate the conventional 'dull' poster format to attract attention and thereby provoke interest to get the message across.


High definition mirrors will be the form of media I plan to use to deliver the message. If you would like to know more about it, visit the link here:


- Person walks to the mirror -> mirror displays an Xray with lung cancer present onto chest area -> person views the lung cancer present x ray on their chest in the reflection -> makes the person reflect about their own health -> Text appears: Check before it's too late.  Visit your local NHS doctor to check for lung cancer.

- Two-way mirror. Person walks to the mirror, sees the double reflection as showcased in the image below. The mirror will display an surgery operation to make it appear as if the person if viewing the surgery. Text will position the message: Check before it's too late. Check early, reduce risks. Lung Cancer Awareness.

- Checklist of symptoms of lung cancer. When the person moves towards the mirror, the checkboxes will tick of all the symptoms allowing the viewer to reflect if they are experiencing any of the symptoms. The last checkbox will state Check up appointment with local GP and will be ticked to inform the viewer the importance of getting checked.  Tagline at the bottom could be present to anchor the message: Check before it's too late. Check early, reduce risks. Lung Cancer Awareness.
The checklist provides a pun on the  concept  to check helping to make the message clear to the audience.

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