Friday, 27 July 2012

Eye spy the little green man

Taipei City 2012

Who would of thought my eye would go to a universally recognised green walking man light in Taipei?
My first thoughts of the green light wasn't 'Time to walk across!'. I was faced with a confused interest thinking 'It appears almost comic'. Surprised by its fast paced walking movement, it made me rethink of how the visual language and how symbols are culturally relevant. The little man animated to walk in a haste at first seemed a bit strange but considering the fast paced living environment of Taipei City, it almost seemed more suited to its environment and its culture. Perhaps the citizens would be able to refer to this green man better than others? Because this is considered universal symbol, it makes me question why is there differences in the shape of the figure and the pace of walking? Is it better to have localised symbols within universal signs? Does it promote cultural stereotypes? And if so, should they be accepted or are they undermining?

Turns out, I was blinded by the fact that it appears that there are numerous designs of the walking man    (and shall I say women) for some cities. Check out the hasty New Yorker with the forward leaning stance!

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