Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Football hunger

Are you hungry?

NIKE quenches the thirst of its football fans with a video film that encapsulates football fever through visual expression, humour and famous sports celebrities.

Check it out here: http://www.youtube.com/user/NikeFootball/mytimeisnow

At first you think it's another one of those football ads. But NIKE seems to strike the balance between its brand and message well, scoring a goal when it comes to making ads that are visually impacting and memorable. Its simplicity and main focus on the aesthetics and feel of the video help to make NIKE express their brand and its culture effectively.

It almost seems as if you are watching a re-run of a computer football game. Viewers are immersed to feel like they are part of the NIKE ad and the NIKE football community to tease them to want to join in on the fun and play football. A teaser to get people into the Europe tournament kicking off soon. And perhaps to kick off youngsters to aspire to become professionals too?

Let's take a look at the ad.

Supporters chant and surround the whole stadium.
Football fans only want to be present at the best right?
Tackles highlight the players skills.
No football ad won't include the close up of a twisting and turning of a football. Do you agree?
The beat of the music keeps the ad rollin.
Most ads by NIKE tend to stick into your head? Tick.
Some sort of enigma from the beginning to catch your attention- Why the rush? Who are these players that are all making their way to the pitch? Football fans of course. Mischievous ones too. Making an appearance to break the 'only for the elite' ideology and impeding the 'anyone can play football' hegemonic value.
Minimal copywriting floating around at times. Only putting an emphasis when needed- note the attention to the fuel band during the slow motion period on LeBron James. Anyone own one by the way?

Bypassing the fancy yellow car. Nothing can be more important than a game.
Oh and the ending. Ronaldo turning up by the time the football crowd has moved on with a tshirt fit for a small boy. Not quite expected but it did bring in humour, didn't it?

Typical conventions have been used but the outcome of the advert is different to previous ads. A strong narrative structure makes it coherent. No wonder the 7 million viewer hits on Youtube.

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