Wednesday, 1 August 2012

What's hot? What's not?

 The Olympics has by far been all the buzz for this summer. Constant media updates of the latest fixtures and results fill up the screens, newspaper pages, webpages, facebook comments and tweets. Such availability of several social media platforms keeps everyone around the world up to date and perhaps more united to celebrate the atmosphere of the Olympics.

HK Station Samsung Advert © Kasumi Miyake 2012

It was hard not to notice this advert advertising Samsung Galaxy. Environmental and spatial advertising used at its advantage. Who knows how many Hong Kongers walk by this walk way to commute to and away from the center. Samsung Galaxy is another hot product competing against the iPhone4s.

It is no longer accustomed for advertising to promote a product via product placement means. Advertising exudes a way of life and a way for consumers to appeal to a lifestyle and gain an experience from. By advertising the Olympics swimming event through spatial advertising you may think that the product's attention will be lost. Instead, the brands unique approach to advertising reinforces Samsung as a smart product to its consumers. No one wants to be approached only about the performance of the product anymore do they? Visual impact is the key. This definitely gets the tick for that. When I saw this my first thought was: 'What's this pool of water doing?' Then when I looked up I was surprised (delightedly)  and this tapped into my inner psyche thinking 'What a smart way to use the space'. It's somewhat lighten up the space changes walker by's experience of an empty white walkway creating a different walking experience that was different from the usual.

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