Friday, 13 April 2012

Palmer's development from feedback

© Kasumi Miyake 2012
After conducting a survey on my latest design developments, I have found that the design lacked clarity in terms of the hierarchical structure of the information. I need to make it more obvious that the Cocoa Butter Formula is the main centre of focus. Although the design was perceived to be more aesthetically pleasing than the current existing product, the product was very conventional in terms of colour usage and conventions. This is perhaps why the design may not really stand out from its competitors.

I have modified the logo- as the previous logo appeared outdated, by giving the product a much more modern and simple aesthetic. I have focussed on making the product look more simple, there was too much design elements that made it hard for people to read the text logically. I have chosen to change the palette range from brown to orange and pink hues to help make the product appealing and more unique. I have also modified the tube with a photographic representation to make the packaging look more professional by showing how it would look like in real-life.

I feel that this product is more effective .This design is more simple and clean. The text has been arranged so that the viewer is guided to easily read the most important information first by making the top area the focal point of the design. This helps to lead the viewer to view the label from top to bottom. The colours still help to convey the cocoa butter quality but also gives an appealing aesthetic from the bright exotic and eye-catching colours. The leaves vector help to suggest the product as an organic product. 

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