Wednesday, 4 April 2012

PICK ME UP fair + ZARA illustration idea

During my short visit to London, I made use of my time to visit the PICK ME UP graphics fair. Whenever I visit London I always make at least one visit to an exhibition as it is important to know and learn what is happening in Art Culture. I thought that the PICK ME UP fair had lots of inspiring artworks, mainly illustrations. I have posted a few photos that I took below when I was at the fair.

Although it was a graphics fair, I mainly perceived the works as illustration. After visiting the exhibition, I thought that I could instill the inspiration from the designers showcased by creating my own project that utilises drawing. I have always enjoyed drawing figures and faces so I have set myself a brief to do fashion illustration. 

I will create an illustration for high street fashion label ZARA. The illustration will be displayed on ZARAs homepage. After researching ZARAs environmental policy, I have decided I could enhance their brand ethos by revolving a fashion illustration that captures its brand but also conveys how they are environmentally conscious. Bearing in mind that Earth Day is on April 22nd 2012 this year, this illustration can be hosted one week before the event to enhance the message that ZARA is an eco conscious brand.

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