Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Palmer's redesign development

In contrary to my earlier Palmer's hand lotion redesign  (click here to view previous design,) I have modified the design to capture the cocoa butter scent selling point. My previous design was perceived by the audience as an appealing product that they would buy simply because of the packaging and not for its quality. As Palmer's is a brand with a long history company (known for helping to reduce stretch marks for women, revitalise hair and make skin smooth and well moisturised) the packaging would be better if it encapsulates the butteriness of the cocoa butter formula. I want to redesign the packaging to rebrand the product so that it is more modern and in keeping with young adult female target audience. 


© Kasumi Miyake 2012

© Kasumi Miyake 2012
I think that the cocoa bean illustration looks better positioned in towards the top of the product than towards the bottom as it anchors and highlights that the product is made from cocoa by attracting the eye's attention instantly. The coral pink colour helps to make the product look exotic and modern whilst appealing to a female audience because of the feminine hue. The brown logo instills an organic quality, suggesting that the product is made from natural goodness whilst anchoring the colour of the cocoa bean. The cocoa bean silhouette helps to anchor the product's cocoa butter formula. 
© Kasumi Miyake 2012
I have modified the typeface for the logo as the sans-serif typeface lacked character that conveyed the company's long history. I decided a serif typeface would be more fitting for the company as the sans-serif typeface's aesthetic is too soft, especially in relation to the illustration and brown hues. Out of these designs, the left one is most appealing, capturing a sense of nature, evoking the product as a product made from 'natural goodness'.  The green hue on the mouth of the tube helps to add interest so that it would  stand out from stock shelves. 

Best  design development so far
© Kasumi Miyake 2012

© Kasumi MIyake 2012
Just to seek out other colour alternatives, I have experimented with peach and brown hues to see which variations are most effective. I have also added a palm tree illustration to see if it would help make the product look more natural and exotic. However, it appears to catch the eye, taking away the focus from the cocoa bean plant illustration. 

I intend to ask the target audience their opinions of the designs I have created and refine the design according to the feedback.

Please can you fill in this quick survey! :)

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