Wednesday, 23 November 2011

YCN development // NikeID visual merchandising

YCN drink project brief

I have delved into exploring using different colour ways as stated in my previous post. I decided to test if the other Feel Good product ranges would work with this visual illustration. The yellow composition has tried to create a stronger emphasis on the product by utilising a glowing effect. With the feedback that I got from my peers, they thought the glowing effect created a nice aesthetic that made them identify the product more easily and they thought that it suited well with the Feel Good brand logo of the person meditating. 

Other feedback that I received was that the later compositions without the figures in the composition worked more effectively in evoking the Feel Good mood. The characters seemed to detract attention away from the product. The white musical notes seem to help to add a nice touch to the visual aesthetic combined with the different opacities to evoke fun. In terms of colour choice, the yellow one was preferred (with the red drink) as the contrast helped to emphasise the product. Perhaps I could explore using different gradients in the background in order to make the white stencils appear strongly whilst making sure that the product is also presented as the centre of focus.

Areas that could be considered or developed are: incorporating good vs evil theme- having the colourful imagery be fighting against darker colours and battling. This could be expressed through the bold bright colours overtaking dark colours often used to associate with evil. I could also explore with photography- buying the product and experimenting different ways of presenting the product. i.e. having the bottle cap opened and showing that all the playful illustrations coming out of the bottle and spreading out of the composition to evoke that drinking the juice will make you 'feel good'. 

As this project is only a short project where I have set myself two weeks to work on, I may be restricted in exploring these areas due to time restrictions. 

NIKEID window display for London store

Concept for creating the window display for the NikeID studio store.

Kasumi Miyake 2011 ©

Concept: Have a pair of white Nike shoes placed in the middle of the shop window display. The window display detects the movement of passerbys when they walk near the window display. The shoes would move to the height of the passerby and spray cans that are positioned at different angles in different places would spray the shoes in different colours. (The spray ink would be one that could be easily removable or the shoe could have a plastic coating so the paint can be re-applied several times. This would be engaging as the while spray painting would be seen as a performance. 

Kasumi Miyake 2011 ©

The focus on customisation of NikeID shoes is the main selling point. In order to convey to the passer bys the idea of designing your own customised shoes, I have thought of a concept which allows to express this visually by having each layer of the shoe as a wall hanging. The layers of fabric will be hung at an angle so that from one end of the display, the layers will appear like lines of colours but as people pass by to the other end of the display while they are walking by, they will see the whole shoe appear. 

The concept which I have chosen to develop is an interactive window display. Although I feel that the previous two concepts would work effectively, I thought it would be good to have window display that is current, making use of the technology that is available. Creating a user experience is important to engage viewers to create an interest or loyalty to brand. 

This window display will be sensitive to movement. When a person walks by, the screen will detect movement. When it detects movement, the splash of ink colours will surge up from the bottom of the window display to the top, to create impact and attract attention. The array of colours will convey how array of colour choices that could be made when customising your NikeID shoe. Once the ink splash surges up, a screen will appear for people to use the NikeID generator where they can customise their own shoe very simply by choosing colour and fabric options on each layer of the shoe. Once they have designed their unique custom shoe, the NikeID generator will dissolve to white and change to a screened live catwalk of a mannequin wearing their customised design. The shoe design will also appear above the live catwalk for the members of the public to see in closer detail.

Kasumi Miyake 2011 ©

Originally, I was going to set up a window display with the customers inside the display designing their shoes on a touch screen display and then wear a tag device in which they can see on screen live, of themselves wearing their shoe and running down a catwalk down the window display, but customers may not feel comfortable to be seen by a live audience. Another limitation on this is that customers will not always be constantly trying out the NikeID generator so there will be times where no one will be in the display, so passerbys won't be seeing anything but a plain white runway with a touch screen panel on one side.

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