Sunday, 20 November 2011

First semester of final year

I am currently studying in my final year of BA Graphic Communication.
For this semester I am setting my own project briefs to build up my portfolio.
I am currently working on three projects:

Brief 1) Bra recycling campaign.
I wanted to work on a project that I feel strongly about. One thing I strongly support is recycling. I initially set myself to do a campaign that promotes recycling to households but found myself to find a bra bank recycling scheme that would benefit from advertising. This bra bank campaign encourages women to donate their old unwanted bras to women who cannot afford them in Kenya and Zimbabwe. If the donated bras are unable to be given, they are recycled with a donation of £1 per kilogram to Breast Cancer Research.

Execution: I have reached the solution of reaching my intended target audience of females by placing bras decorated with embroidered typography in underwear shops informing about the campaign. Free post bags will be of the same aesthetic as the bras with the typography located at the till of the underwear shop for customers to feel free to pick up without having to purchase a product from the shop.

I will get back to this project by posting my prototype.

Brief 2: To create the window display for the NikeID store in London.
My interest in visual merchandising, fashion and advertising has led me to set this project brief. Nike has a range of shoes that can be customised by the customer- they are able to choose the fabrics and colours of the different part of the shoes to create their unique pair of shoes that reflects their style and personality. My aim is to create a visually interesting window display that attracts customers and encourages them to come into the shop to experience and discover NikeID.

Execution: I have come to the concept of using an interactive window display that will be in the form of a touch screen window panel to attract people passing by the NikeID shop. They will be able to experience NikeID's shoe customisation and be part of the creative process of designing their own unique shoes. (I will post photos of my ideas later this week).

Brief 3: YCN project brief for 'Feel Good' drink campaign.
This is a student competition brief to advertise a natural fruit drink called 'Feel Good'. The brief is simply to make their brand famous.
Execution: I will be creating an illustration that evokes a sense of fun and capture things that makes people 'feel good'. The illustration will be playful, with hand-rendered imagery and style to fit the brand image of 'Feel Good'.

Execution: I am currently developing the visual for it.
I will be posting the illustration on an ongoing basis to show the process to the final design.
I am basing my final design on my initial sketch below.

All images are copyrighted by Kasumi Miyake 2011.

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