Monday, 21 November 2011

YCN Illustration development

I have worked on the illustration for the YCN project brief focussing on organising the composition by laying out the illustration to compose the work.

After laying out the drawings I have filled the colours using a similar palette range to the colours I had picked out in the previous composition in order to create a uniformed composition.

I will need to make further adjustments to the colours and incorporate more white shapes into the piece. I will also have to refine the black outlines to appear more like the sunshine, blending as a graphic that enhances the uniformity of the layers. Some of the free space could be filled. At the moment the composition lacks depth, I will have to adjust the opacities to increase the depth of field to inhibit a sense of space and envoy a sense of fun into the composition through the playful layering effect.

Alongside working on my project, I attended a meeting for the preparation of the course's degree show. All students on the course would benefit from having a show in London to present their work on top of our University degree show and the D&AD (because only a few people on the course will be selected to display their work in D&AD). I am part of the Concept committee which is generating the look and feel of the degree show. Our meeting was a productive one, with six of us pitching our ideas and opinions. There were quite a few ideas that we felt were particularly strong and decided on the strongest one which we could develop. We have assigned each other to look into different categories for the concept. I am responsible to research into the typography before Wednesday's meeting to organise our pitch which will be presented on Friday to the Vis Comm course.

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