Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Poster development

Although I have executed the visual aesthetic style of the illustration, I have adapted it to create different outcomes by changing the illustration slightly. This will allow me to see which outcome would be most effective for the Feel Good advertising campaign.

The incorporation of figures in the composition creates a friendly mode of address that will appeal to consumers through personal identity creating a connection with the audience and product. This would be more appealing to a younger target market, attracting children and parents of young children.

I have erased the human figures in the composition. This composition would appeal to a wider audience range as the utilisation of cartoon figures attracts a young child audience leaving the focus on the abstract shapes. The composition maintains to induce an energetic atmosphere and happy mood by the bold colour range. 

Another small refinement made was adding flowers to the composition to create a contrast in the composition through the change in scale. By placing large flowers on either side of the bottle helps to draw the eye towards the product and visually enhance the sense of balance in the composition.

Having explored different changes in the subject matter of the composition, I have explored using a different colour for the background. I tested out different colour ways but found that it was hard to select a colour that would not detract the viewer from the product whilst maintaining harmony with the palette range employed for the subject matter. I found that this red hue managed to anchor the colour of the product without creating a clash with the rest of the colours. In comparison to the yellow composition, this red one has a stronger sense of depth induced perhaps by the contrast created from the white shapes in the composition. This seems to work more effectively in creating the energetic atmosphere I intended to create to evoke the sense of fun and joy the product can give to its consumers.

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