Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Free post bag developments

After receiving feedback from peers and the target audience, from the designs I had developed earlier (shown in my previous post), I have refined the bag design considering their feedback responses. I have utilised the patterns they thought were appealing. I have also tried to adapt the opacity of the patterns and the colour of the typography as there was a concern of legibility.  I have moved the bra to hook onto the 'your'. This was a suggestion that was repeatedly made. As the bra image is not clear, I have added the word 'bra' with the same aesthetic of the typography to create a more clear and coherent statement.

1. © Kasumi Miyake 2011
 The pink background is too overpowering. This makes the typography not as legible. A lighter colour choice to create a starker contrast between the deep typographic colours would improve legibility.

2. © Kasumi Miyake 2011
This colour range works more effectively than the previous design. The typography is easier to read whilst maintaining an attractive aesthetic with the pattern in the background.

3. © Kasumi Miyake 2011
I have tried to experiment with the colour range in the patterns to see if it would affect the overall balance of the bag. I thought that the purple colour on the edges would help to create a strong colour scheme to create a focus on the typography but it appears to be more detracting. I think that the other composition is more effective on projecting the statement to 'Donate your bra'.

I will consider trying out different colour ways as I feel that the ribbon typography may not be the best colour choice.

(Edit post)

I have experimented with different colour ways, to create a softer and more elegant aesthetic to the refined compositions above.

4 © Kasumi Miyake 2011

5.  © Kasumi Miyake 2011
6.  © Kasumi Miyake 2011

I feel that this colour choice is much more better than the previous colour way. Out of all the compositions, number 6 is the strongest composition as it attracts attention through the pattern detail whilst maintaining a balanced composition.

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