Thursday, 8 December 2011

Project 1 (bra campaign): Freepost bag and window display design & Nike project: in-store design

The window display will be in the form of a poster. The model's photograph will be in the form of a poster with the pink patterns and text covering the window as vinyl stickers on the window to create the illusion of depth and appeal to attract the passer bys attention.

© Kasumi Miyake 2011

Vinyl graphics on window

© Kasumi Miyake 2011

The poster will be combined with the in-store display that will be located as soon as the customer enters the store to make sure that they are informed about the bra donation campaign. (I have started designing the display- see previous post to see the initial designs).

On the display table there will be freepost bags for the customers to feel free to pick up to bring home and put their old unwanted bras into the freepost bag.  I have created an initial visual for the freepost bag. I intend to make it eye-catching in order to persuade customers to pick up the bag and encourage them to take action for the campaign.

Front of free-post bag

© Kasumi Miyake 2011

Back side of free-post bag

© Kasumi Miyake 2011

NikeID in-store concept visualisation

© Kasumi Miyake 2011
Customer will enter the store -> Customise their own design on the touch screen NikeID shoe generator -> wear a tag around their ankle -> walk the mini in-store track circuit -> view the shoe simulation on the  computer after their walk and view a video of what it would appear to be wearing their customised shoe.

The tag can be kept for the customer to refer back to their shoe design for them to be able to purchase online afterwards if they would like to but can also be immediately ordered for purchase in-store.

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