Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Nike window display and Bra project in-store display

Visualisation of window display for NikeID shoe store.

The window display will consist of the different layers that make up the shoe with a varied range of colours to communicate the choice available for the consumers to customise and make their own unique pair of shoes. Each layer will be arranged in a way that would appear to make a complete visual of a shoe by looking from the store front. If the passer bys view the display from an angle, they would only see the different colours of each shoe layer.

Window display prototype

I have attempted to make a prototype to illustrate this concept.

The shoe design below will be consisted of the different layers of each shoe being layered in front of each other and will not appear as a three dimensional form.

The two dimensional layers will be showcased in a white window display to make it the main focus of attention. The shoe size will be large, taking up most of the display to make is easy to see to attract immediate attention.

The window will have movement sensitive technology so that when a person walks past the window display the coloured smoke would move to attract the passer by's attention and anchor the fun of customising your own shoe.

© Kasumi Miyake 2011

Visualisation of permanent display in-store for the bra donation campaign.

In order for the female target audience to be informed of the campaign, an underwear shop will be effective in reaching the right audience.
As placing the campaign bras along with the sold products could cause confusion and may be misplaced by customers and therefore may not be seen by all customers, a permanent display in the store would be more effective. The permanent display would make sure that the campaign will not be missed seen when customers enter the store.

The permanent display will have the mannequins wearing the bras with the typographic ribbon applique to inform the customers of the scheme. Free post bags will be arranged on the display table for customers to feel free to pick up to bring home and donate their old bras without having to feel the need to purchase anything from the shop.

Experimentation with colour and layout to find the right visual aesthetic.
© Kasumi Miyake 2011

© Kasumi Miyake 2011

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