Saturday, 10 December 2011

Nike in-store development

NikeID studio store concept


Create a campaign that promotes customers to experience the NikeID shoe customisation.

The purpose:

To increase sales of custom Nike shoes.

Media placement:

In-store experience, Window display, Digital,

The solution:

To create a window display that would advertise the customising experience of the NikeID shoe and to create an in store concept that integrates user experience with technology.


To get people to try out the customisation of the shoes and enjoy the experience the Nike brand has to offer which will in turn lead to increased sales and stronger brand identity for NikeID by informing the service Nike offers.


© Kasumi Miyake 2011

- White studio space to create a focus on the colours of the customised shoes.- Gallery of customised shoes on the wall
- Touch screen for customers to customise their own shoe
- Interactive wall: whilst the customer creates their own Nike shoe, the colours they choose for their shoe will be floating as coloured smoke around the NikeID generator.

Overall view
© Kasumi Miyake 2011

- Once the customer creates their Nike ID shoe they can then collect a tag from the shop assistant. They will wear the tag and walk the mini track circuit. The tag will be a technology that can stimulate the designed shoes onto digital media. The mini track circuit will be touch sensitive where the colours of their show design will appear on the circuit when they are walking on top of it to create an engaging experience.

- After the customer has walked the circuit they can then view their a walking video that simulates what they would look like wearing their customised shoe.

- In order to motivate sales, the customer can get the simulation video sent to their email with the details of their designed shoe so that easily refer to it later and if they then choose to order the shoe online.

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