Sunday, 11 December 2011

Putting the store concepts together.

I have been working on creating the visuals for the store concepts to present as pitches for my upcoming assessment. These can be seen in my previous posts. I have developed the visuals for the bra donation campaign for the window display design, in-store display design and free post bag. For the Nike campaign, I have created visuals for the in store display design, the window display design and have now produced the tag design that will be worn by the wearer to make the concept understandable in context.  The small adjustments I have made are uploaded here. By creating the visuals, I will be able to present my concept in Tuesday's tutorial and get critical feedback. I just now have to create a prototype of the shoe layers for the Nike window display. Over next week and during Christmas I will work on refining the visuals so that I can present them on boards as a pitch.

Store front window display of VS store promoting bra donation campaign.
© Kasumi Miyake 2011

Nike project

Tag that will be given for customers to wear after they design their customised Nike shoes. The tag will be printed after they design their shoe. The tags colour (shown here with blue and pink) will have the main colours of the customer's shoe design to make each tag feel unique. They will be able to keep the tag so that they can refer to their designed shoe later via online media using the QR code. 
© Kasumi Miyake 2011

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