Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Cadbury Project- Direct mail and Side view store visualisation

Cadbury project draft visualisations

For the project I intend to present my concept in the form of a pitch, accompanied by diagrams that demonstrate my Cadbury Bubbly interactive floor projection concept. I have drawn a rough sketch (see below) showing how I intend to present my visualisations on the page.

© Kasumi MIyake 2012

Side view draft mock up.
© Kasumi Miyake 2012

© Kasumi Miyake 2012

© Kasumi Miyake 2012

© Kasumi Miyake 2012
These mock up diagrams illustrate the concept in context with the supermarket shelves in the backdrop. I will modify the bubbles to move away from the consumer as after having received feedback, people have voiced that they may feel claustrophobic if the bubbles were moving towards them. Instead, having them move away from the consumer would help to connote the light airy texture of the 'Bubbly' chocolate bar. 

The floor projection will be located in the confectionary aisle of main supermarkets. The projection will be overlaid with interactive bubbles. I have tried to develop the illustration above my putting more detail into the background to have a greater sense of the situation the display would work in. 

© Kasumi Miyake 2012

Once a customer steps onto the floor projection, the interactive bubbles will move away from the customer. The bubbles will be accompanied by popping bubble sounds to enhance the 'Bubbly' experience. 

© Kasumi Miyake 2012
The display will reveal a floor space in Cadbury's signature purple colour once the customers step onto the floor projection. Images of Cadbury Bubbly bars will hidden beneath the chocolate bubbles layer along with images of the Cadbury logo to enhance the brand recognition to the customer. 
© Kasumi Miyake 2012
The bubbles will move away from the customer wherever they walk on the projection area. So if more customers are on the projection, more logos and the product image will be revealed. 

As I will need to refine the images by developing the aesthetics to progress to my final outcome I will need to consider: 
- incorporating shoppers into the environment
- refining the supermarket shelves display
- Drawing the bubbles to look more three dimensional and 'bubbly'.
- Capture the light feel of the bar by making the layout of the bubbles less structured. The lattice arrangement to to orderly, inhibiting the sense of fun and adventure of Cadbury's brand. 

 Direct mail 
© Kasumi Miyake 2012 
Direct mail advertising will be accompanied by the projection advertising.


Envelope in the form of the Bubbly Chocolate Bar packaging containing a brown bubble wrap fused with chocolate inside the air bubble.

Audience wil open the envelope to see the bubble wrap.

Audience will burst the bubbles and experience the smell of chocolate.

Cadbury coupon is revealed underneath the bubble wrap (as shown by images below).
© Kasumi Miyake 2012
Areas to refine:
- Coupon design
- Create a mock up prototype to see visual in context. (Buy bubble wrap- test how it works and how it looks and receive feedback from consumers).

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