Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Repackaging Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula

I use this product myself and have found that the packaging is not so appealing. I simply buy it because the smell of the cocoa butter is nice and the product is compact so you can take it on the go. Having asked ladies if they buy or know of the product, it appears that consumers buy it cause of the appealing scent and moisturises the skin well. Consumers who did not know of the product said that they would buy a different product because the packaging looked unattractive. They would prefer to choose a brand they knew eg. Bodyshop. They said that if the product were redesigned to look more appealing and feminine, they would consider buying the product.

After looking at hand cream packaging, I have created and rebranded Palmer's logo as well as the packaging to evoke femininity, softness and beauty.  After looking at products with cocoa butter, they all seem to contain a cliche bean image which wasn't aesthetically appealing in particular. therefore, I have chosen to negate from using the stereotypical illustration of a cocoa bean and have instead utilised a brown palette range with the pink hues to convey the cocoa butter scent in a subtle way. 

Logo design

© Kasumi Miyake 2012

Product design

© Kasumi MIyake 2012

I have utilised soft pearly hues mixed with pink and brown hues to capture a feminine aesthetic to appeal to the late teen audience. As most hand creams that I have looked at keep to a simplistic design, I have tried to fit with the conventions and have made the design minimalistic. I have added shapes and patterns to enhance the feminine appeal. 

Initial poster design

© Kasumi Miyake 2012
I have created an initial poster design that focuses on the product to allow people to recognise and become familiar with the new product design. I have utilised a light brown hue to capture the cocoa scent that is the unique selling point of the product, mixing this with a pink gradient to enhance the sense of femininity to attract female attention.

Initial poster design 2

© Kasumi Miyake 2012
As the coloured gradient background lacks interest and does not stimulate or excite the viewer, I have tried to arouse a natural aesthetic that conveys how the product will make the skin nicely moisturised but also focusses on the new design of the product. 

Redesigning product 2
© Kasumi Miyake 2012

Poster development 

© Kasumi Miyake 2012

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