Monday, 26 March 2012

Gift card generator page

Once a customer visits the Amazon website they will be greeted with a pop up to inform them of the international and customisable gift card service.

They pop up will provide a link button to the gift card generator page. 

I have developed the webpage layout for the gift card service. The current gift card webpage does not have the customisable gift card service so I have had to modify the page to include this. I have tried to keep to a simplistic design that is easy for the user to navigate. I have also employed an orange blue and grey colour scheme to keep the web design in keeping with Amazon's brand image. 

© Kasumi Miyake 2012
Card designs and card design generator 

© Kasumi Miyake 2012
 Detail form. I have also included a voice recording option to add a personal touch to the gift card.

© Kasumi Miyake 2012

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